Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just add it to the list....

This morning, Shawn eagerly awoke to watch some new snowboarding videos. Gigi Ruf was dropping into his first line of the first show when "SCRWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"- the television suffers a massive heart attack, and dies. Granted, he was an obese fifty pound tube television more than a decade old, but his passing was sudden and unexpected.

I know it's nothing to with our poor little house in and of itself, but it's just one. more. thing.

Double boo.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Things that have broken in our house in the last 2 weeks:

-sewer blockage causing massive outpouring of shit etc. onto our basement floor. Tonnes of fun to clean up at 11:30 on a Sunday night. The guys from the city were awesome, though.

-hot water knob falling off bathtub, preventing hot water from being shut off.

-resultant leaking faucet from the above encounter. (calling plumber tomorrow)

-washing machine (still not fixed- actually was the first in this list to break.) Shawn spent his day off at the laundromat. The repairman is finally showing up tomorrow afternoon to assess the situation- though if repairs are more than $200, landlord has advised us against fixage, and she will buy new machines. Even though it could mean further weeks without a washer, I'm kind of hoping for this option. Go stacking HE models!

-and today's event: front door deadbolt breaking TWO keys in half! My own, and the acting landlord's, who I had to disturb so I could get spares, and try and get into my house. Good thing he also gave me the side door keys- which we never received when we moved in- or I would have been sitting very sadly on the front porch with my eggs.

Things of note that should probably have been replaced long ago:

-front door in its entirety- deadbolt especially.

-cracked airflow vents

-bathroom window (that OPENS to prevent mildew and rot)

-bedroom window (that OPENS, allowing inhabitants to breathe during the summer, or escape in the event of a disaster- is this a fire code hazard? anyone know?)

-inside front door (cracked panels, tricky door knob, single pane glass allowing for cold drafts to flow freely from uninsulated boot room into living room.)

-water damage to roof and ceramic tiles in boot room.

-weather stripping

I keep saying "It's all good practice for when we own our own house...", but generally I'm getting fed up with something breaking every 2 days here, and living in fear of what's going to break next.

It's too bad, too. Because I really do like this house.