Saturday, December 26, 2009

Guess what?


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Oh my. Look what came home with us today.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1" Buttons!

Coming soon thanks to Andrew!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Tree Friends Shoppe is open for business!


Took me long enough, eh? Buy some cute tree plush!! I make them with lots and lots of love! A forest friendly alternative to chopping down a Xmas tree?

To all my Etsy friends- please make me a favourite!! That is, of course, if you like Tree Friends!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

If this was a creepy Russian movie...

...I'd probably watch it.

Alex Andreev's "The Horror of Subway".

Why does it make it creepier just knowing it's Russian? Anyone want to write the screenplay with me?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

For the record...

Pabst Blue Ribbon is shitty beer. Crappy, tasteless, shitty ass beer. It's the kind of beer that is drunk by 60 year old dock workers who have smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day for the last 50 years, and no longer have taste buds.

Are we clear?


Hello? Hello?

Boy, now I know how to figuratively kill a room- mention Ted Harrison! Geez. No one has any love for graphic, rainbow-y representations of the Northern lights? Crooked Yukon buildings? Really? No one?

Now! Onto more information to bore you! I am finally learning how to drive a standard vehicle. Yes, I did not know how to do so before. Actually, up until Monday, I had not been behind the wheel of a car in 8 years. When I moved away from home, I left my beloved beast- my first, last and only car- behind. I still miss that vehicle. It was a 1984 Buick Skylark, dusty pink exterior, chocolate brown interior, grandma-driven before me...It was basically like driving a big, squishy mattress down the street. Boy, I loved her...But really, I've never liked driving for the sake of driving. I come from a car family- my Dad used to drag race out at Mission (a 1975? Ford Fairlane), and my brother raced zippy go-karts around puberty- but I've never seen cars as anything other than transportation. Sure, I can pick out a classy vehicle (I have fine taste, too), but generally cars elicit little more than a shrug from me. Here in Edmonton, what with Entitleades and other such gas-guzzlers out in droves, they often elicit eye-rolling and mockery as well.

Where was I going with this?

Oh yes! What with the horrible sprawl of Edmonton (the most poorly planned city in the world!), and the continually unpredictable shift of my work schedule, it is getting increasingly difficult to operate as a one vehicle household- and not only a one vehicle household, a one driver household. I feel better knowing that, in spite of my currently limited experience, I could actually drive Shawn to a hospital in an emergency. So who knows, fair readers! You may see me driving my own vehicle in the New Year. Ugh.

In other news, I have a lung inspection tomorrow. There is a $20 fee for lung inspections apparently. In an odd way, I'm looking forward to it. Mostly because I will (hopefully) discover the reason(s) I have periodically not been able to breathe and been susceptible to annual bouts of bronchitis over the past few years, but also because it is not invasive enough a specialist appointment to be scary. Since my cilia have been free from their nicotine/tar paralysis for several years now, I would have thought their now happy wriggling would have improved things. Alas.

Also also, there are potential changes afoot! Big changes! They are exciting, and a bit scary! I am reading about superstring theory and quantum physics to put it all into perspective. I find knowing that the building blocks of everything in the universe is essentially nothing, and that we create our own realities comforting.

And if you managed to read to end of this entry, even without the promise of photos, congratulations! Your attention span is longer than the average adult of the insta-generation! Now scroll down and feed the hamster!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Something you may not know about me...

I love the art of Ted Harrison. Absolutely love it.

It started with this book:

...and this one:

...and this one- which is sadly the only one I still have!!

Anyhoo...upon receiving a trio of newly minted copies of "Painting Paradise" at growl job today, I snooped around on the internets a bit and discovered Ted Harrison may be coming to Edmonton as part of the book tour/launch!

I'd love a big Ted Harrison art print, but there are very few to be had! Oh, those northern lights.....

Of note:

I have been considering starting a new blog. But don't worry- the three of you that stop by will be informed of the change, if or when it happens.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Kids whose Mum's still pay their cell phone bills don't deserve badass tattoos, or tattoos that allude to their feigned badassery.

Eat it. The end.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

When I grow up...

...I want to be a teenaged Francoise Hardy.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

I used to really love writing...

I wonder what happened? I don't write down much more than grocery and to-do lists in ink any more, though I used to carry a notebook with me everywhere. And typing? Well, it's abundantly clear that this blog is relatively neglected, and yet some of the most important conversations I've had have been clackety-clacked out in front of a desk top. Maybe that was the problem- writing became conversational, less exploratory, and seeing how I generally dislike people (present company excluded) the conversational association has turned me off.


I really don't know. I did have a dream I was a writer last week. Shawn was calling me down from some attic workspace for dinner, and I was frantically rummaging through papers, with manuscripts piled up next to me.

I'll blame post-secondary education (Okay, okay. Just in part. Not wholly.) for extinguishing any spark of individuality my prose may once have carried. Not that I deny the utility of editing- far from it- I can go off on a tangent just as easily as the next person...

Wait...What was I just saying?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day off!

And it's gone already. Oi vey! Onto a seven day work stretch!

Sewed the first of the production line Tree Friends this afternoon, and am working on my Etsy shop as we speak- it's about time! This has, after all, been in the making for over a year now...

To be honest, I would have finished getting my shop together sooner if I was any good at, or had any interest in learning Photoshop (you know, for banners and logos and such...), but I just don't! Maybe I can get a Shawn tutorial tonight...

The snow has melted, and things are back to beautiful, autumn-y temperatures! I am covered head to toe in Rocky Mountain products, and it's pizza night tonight!

In other words, nothing is happening, I just happen to have some spare time on my hands to say hi!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Time to dig out the Sorels...

Mark it down. First snow, 2009. One month and three days earlier than last year. With temperatures set to dip into the negative double digits tonight, winter may be here.

It really is true that autumn in Edmonton lasts about a week- much to my chagrin (autumn is my favouritest of seasons after all). Two weeks ago it was +30! With those kinds of temperature fluctuations, it's no wonder everyone gets sick this time of year. Not me- I eat my spinach every day, drink lots of tea, lots of water, stay bundled up regardless of how nerdy I look, keep out of doors, eat lots of berries, and wash my hands (and by "wash" I mean SOAP AND WATER not those crappy hand sanitizers!)!

Speaking of sanitary conduct...I'm always disgusted by how little regard people have for others when it comes to sneezing and coughing. COVER YOUR MOUTH. And yes, your precious designer coat may get a smudge (boohoo) but just because you can afford four digit clothing, does not mean you are allowed to spew your mucosal shrapnel everywhere. Stick your freakin' face in your sleeve- PLEASE. Is complete disregard for others part of the age of entitlement?

ANYHOO...In other happy news, I've recently acquired a (second) job with a company I really love! Only four days off this month- eep! Thankfully the growl (first) job "days off" that have been replaced with lovely (second) job shifts, are just like paid days off! Foot in the door...Fingers crossed for more involvement with lovely in the future, and less with growl!

Time to cuddle up in bed with something light- like essays outlining the effects of globalization and shifting economic policy and legislation on rural communities! If Shawn wasn't in Vancouver on a crazy overnight trip to see a show, I'd be cuddling up with something much better.

So goodnight! And remember kids- cover your coughs and sneezes, try to mind and be kind to those around you, and if you ate today, thank a farmer.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Time Travel...Birthday!

So! We're going to pretend I haven't been absent for the entire summer, and go back in time to a few of my favourite adventures from the past few I edit them. (Of note: there are few things I hate more than editing photos, so the speed with which this will occur is debatable.)

To start! I decided that all I wanted for my birthday was to spend it in the mountains. I love me some mountains. And some camping. We had a brand new tent to test out as well (a North Face Moraine 33, for those of you interested- super sweet). The drive in from Canmore is beautiful- we even saw a young moose grazing along the road! I love mooses. I referred to him as "my birthday moose".

Neither Shawn nor I had been "real" camping in years- and what better way to test our skills than to set up camp in the rain!?

I honestly can't think of a better place to spend my birthday. Or a better person to spend it with...

Shawn works on the manly business of wood chopping- best to get the fire cracklin' during the brief breaks in the weather!

As you can see, the rain doesn't dampen our spirits one bit! Oh man, I didn't even mean to be punny there....

All set up! We greatly improved on our tarp a few hours later- complete with moat, and directional rain drain. We learned (rather, reestablished) that we make an excellent team.

Once we set up, Mother Nature rewarded our efficient work with a burst of sunshine around the dinner hour...

Perfect smoky roastin' weather!

Fire stoking (complete with headlamp!) pre-s'mores! We even splurged on a box of glow sticks to mark the tent pegs and tarp lines! The marshmallowy goodness was followed by a fantastic night's sleep! I'll admit it, I have a completely unfounded fear of bears, and I'm never sure how soundly I'll sleep when protected by little more than a candy wrapper at a relatively remote campground, but it was great.

The next morning dawned so beautiful, and so clear...well, I'll just let you look for yourself. It's the stuff postcards are made of.

This is the view FROM OUR CAMPSITE. The site we stayed was by far the nicest, and most secluded of the entire campground. We had a whole beach to ourselves, and the water was so absolutely crystal clear. We even had a little mule deer come right up to our site to graze at dusk!

The rest of our pictures are on camera #2, currently in Shawn's backpack at work. Part 2 will be coming soon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It's nearing the end of July??! Sorry I haven't been around. I don't really feel bad about that. Lots has happened and nothing at all has happened!

Life plans have changed, and this time we're REALLY excited!

That's all I've got for now.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Do you know Kali Fontecchio? She is a super talented, super awesome, and super cute drawer of drawerings of the cartoony kind. Go look at her blog now- you will be amazed!

After creeping around her blog throughout the winter, I finally asked her really, really (REALLY) nicely if she'd draw a caricature of Shawn and I- because her caricature work is rad- and BOOM! This showed up on our doorstep!


I commissioned this as a surprise for me and Shawn, and lo and behold, both times I attempted photos of the characters holding their caricatures, Shawn was wearing his signature shirt!

Thank-you Kali! <3

Friday, May 22, 2009

Just in time for vacation...

...I mysteriously threw my lower back out! So I've been taking it easy at home for the past few days, icing, stretching and relaxing in hopes I can nip the worst of the sprain in the bud. Seems to be going okay... KNOCK ON WOOD.

Regardless, we leave on Sunday evening, spend the night in Banff (at the Inns of Banff, with the awesome roof top hot tub!), and then onto the future hometown! I can't wait! Especially since this is the forecast for the week we'll be there...

Hoooweee! See you next week!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting out of Dirt City!

As many of you may know, Shawn and I are planning our eventual escape to the Okanagan Valley, and at the end of May we will be going on a fact finding mission! Well, it's more like a fact finding mission, combined with a vacation and wine stockpiling. Yay!

Shawn will be working with Kai at Stix Ink in Penticton from the 25th of May to the 29th. Tell your friends! Here's the pretty promo poster!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prototype, on Earth Day!

...I didn't plan it that way- that's just how it happened! How appropriate!

Tree Friends will not only be available in prints (soon!) and maybe cards, I am working on a cuddly, huggable version of the Tree Friends.

This is my first attempt:

Obviously, I have some changes in store for the next little guy...But for the first pattern, first attempt, finished in a few hours, he did turn out pretty cute!

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Cupcakes!

So, I've been feeling a little, err, off for the past few days- generally unfocused, unmotivated, blah. I talked to Shawn after he got to work this morning, and he suggested I make cupcakes to de-funk myself.

After I hung up I thought, THAT'S IT!

I haven't baked and decorated cupcakes since....well, probably Christmas!

So here are my spring cupcakes! I tried to pull off dahlias, and although I don't think I quite got it, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

...maybe I'll pretend these are belated Aku and Tomas Magnum birthday cupcakes!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

To all the fake'n'bake dummies out there!

As I've been saying for years, tanning beds ARE just as dangerous as the sun! Exclamation point! Stop turning yourselves into orange-skinned cancerous tumours!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blue skies and 15c!

And how did I spend this beautiful day? Cleaning the freakin' house! There isn't anything more satisfying than a vinegary clean bathroom, and floors you can eat off of! Yay! Well, maybe drinking beers in a park in the sun would have been more satisfying, but spring is young yet.

I rode my bike (who I am tentatively calling "Ingrid" at this point) to and from work for the first time on Friday, and was rained on BOTH WAYS! Thanks Edmonton. You fuck me around with 5 months of winter, and then, when the weather is finally nice enough to ride a bike in, you piss on me! Insult, meet injury. The way there wasn't bad. Just a refreshing spring spittle- the ground smelled sooooo good- but on the way home, there was thunder and lightning (already!?) and I got soaked! Good ol' hub brakes got their first workout in the wet, and handled great.

In a bike-related vein, I read this breakdown of Dutch cycling culture and thought, as I do several times daily, that I am definitely living in the wrong country. Almost everything in this little write up rings true to me, especially (re: saddles) "not for us the crotch cutter seats of racing bikes, because we value our reproductive body parts!". Also, the "Bike Helmets & Lycra" section made me giggle. Good stuff.

I've been toying with the idea of making some of my silly paintings into prints lately. I got some quotes from places around town, and may actually give it a shot. I painted a little bit the other night. The usual. Anthropomorphic cartoon trees and hearts. I guess I'm kind of a one-trick pony. Oh well! Buy my cute prints if I make them! If not for you, for your favourite six year old little girl! After all, that's secretly all I really am.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hill o' beans

This is in no way new news, but I'd just like to mention that, thanks to the lovely (and muchly missed!) Wheels, my morning coffee has contained a far higher dosage of awesome lately.

"Black Mountain" might just be my favourite coffee of all time- So rich! Full-bodied! No bitterness! It is magical. The Ethiopian Harrar is verrrrry good too (a lighter or brighter taste, if that makes sense?), but you just can't beat Black Mountain.

You know those coffee commercials, where one sip immediately transports the drinker to misty hills and verdant jungles? The same thing kind of happens to me, except I picture campfires and forests and log cabins... Yes. It's that good. I miss Bean Around the World.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw her in the window, and it was love at first sight.

Bicycles- made in England since 1926. I pick her up tomorrow at noon!!!!!!!!

A (very) early birthday present because, well, getting a new bike at the end of July pretty much means there's only two months of good riding left- this way, I get a full Spring and Summer's worth of riding in! I can't wait- basket, dynamo lights, built-in pump, Brooks saddle, fenders, chain-guard- everything I could need!

I had no idea I would be getting a bike today! I love you Shawn!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Coming soon!

...Do you??

Early Easter!

Look what we got from my Mum and Dad this morning!!!

Easter candy with a few awesome bonuses:

1) PLAY-DOH!! Which, as the packaging makes VERY clear, is NOT intended for consumption. No? Then why does it have all of those "CAUTION: Contains wheat" stickers?

2) New toothbrushes! Such a mum-like addition to a sugar-headache-inducing package!

3) Grocery gift certificates!!!!!!(not shown)!!! Even pushing 30, this is by far one of the BEST "care package" goodies to receive! Yay!

4) Kitty treats!! And treats that even Tomas will eat! Aku, well, will eat pretty much anything- he's more like a fuzzy black goat, really.

But in true kitty fashion....

...the box it all came in is FAR more interesting.

Mmmm.....Candy for breakfast...Thanks Mum and Dad! We love you!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday afternoon snack!

I have Saturday off this week- and before you start dishing out the high-fives, this really isn't a treat for me. I've become accustomed to my days off being weekdays, and since I've never had a Monday to Friday type of job (neither does Shawn), I think I may always associate Saturdays with work. I like being able to do my weekly "stuff" without the weekend throng. It's much more relaxing.

Maybe that's why I feel so restless today- like I should be accomplishing something other than surfing Etsy, breaking in my new shoes, getting quotes for prints, and of course, baking!

One of my new favourite blogs, Everybody Likes Sandwiches (which is an AMAZING collection of yummy recipes, by the way), featured a recipe for cranberry and blood orange loaf earlier in the week, and I have been thinking about it ever since! Unfortunately, I could find neither blood oranges nor frozen cranberries (I really didn't want dried) at my corner grocer, and was in no way in the mood for a Saturday afternoon larger-chain-grocery-store venture. The horror, on the weekend! The horror! So I grabbed my last three navels (which had been languishing in the fridge for a good month), and subbed frozen cranberries with frozen strawberries. The results?

Exactly what the doctor ordered! A nice fresh-from-the-oven slice, with a hot cup of Natural Farmworks Chai, and I'm not at all concerned that I haven't got anything lined up for dinner. Strawberry orange loaf sounds fine to me...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring fun at the leaky house! Sarcasm as well!

It figures- we've just agreed to sign on for another year at our place (which is depressing in and of itself- Edmonton for another year...), and in spite of already knowing the kind of structural doom (cracked foundation) and other ailments associated with this place, we have had relatively few problems of late- only a broken (again) washing machine, and a blown fuse in the ancient dimmer switch in our dining room. Knock on wood.

When we were initially shown the house, there was notable water damage in the little boot room at the front- the ceiling paper was peeled away and stained, and there was definite damage to the large tiles on the floor, with at least 8 being loose, completely loose, or seemingly sunk into the (somewhat) rotting floor (there are also 2 and a half tiles right where the boot room meets our front room that were broken and missing to begin with). It was presented to us as having been a one time leaky problem.

Clearly, that is not the case.

I'm collecting my melt water in a bucket right now, hoping that come (real) spring one of us won't:

a) fall through what we know now to be a long-time rotting floor
b) have the sopping wet long-time rotting ceiling collapse on us
c) be electrocuted by the boot room light whose housing is a mere 6 inches from where there is water actively dripping.


Anyone with any roofing experience is welcome to offer suggestions or recommendations.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where The Wilds Things Are... probably the single most important book of my childhood. I can picture every page and (nearly) recite the entire story. I still giggle along with Max every time the jungle starts to grow in his room...! So, when I heard that there were plans in motion to make the story into a feature length movie, I was understandably skeptical- CGI wild things? A 40-ish page book drawn out to 60-plus minutes? My skepticism is officially dead.

Magical!!! Not just CGI wild things (as I'd feared)- muppetry!! Max is adorable! The dreaminess of the colours!! It made me cry- not just in a "shed a single tear" way (it was kind of embarassing!). I can't wait- and I'm sure will be blubbering on my way out of the theatre!

Okay-It's not the book, no, and I tend to be a bit of a purist on that count. Nothing can ever replace the magic of reading that story as a child for the very first time, but thank goodness Spike Jonze seems he may actually have given it a lovingly crafted tribute. Yay!

Children! Don't grow up!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Wanna see what $56 worth of bottles and cans looks like?

That's 560 (mostly) cans. Whoah.

Also removed from the premises: 2 enormous bags of clothing, 2 boxes of books, a broken behemoth of a television, and a handful of worn out bike tires.

Almost time to start sprouting bulbs and seeds on the windowsill!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slow Recovery, Second Winter.

I went home for the first time in nearly two years over Reading Week to visit my family, and unfortunately, instead of enjoying non-snow, and non-minus-thirties, going for walks on the beach, and generally enjoying not wearing Sorels for a while, I caught the flu. So did my Mum. A really, really, bad flu. I was so sick, I wasn't even feeling well enough to mope about my bad luck until my last day in town, when I realized I was going home again.

Then I started to mope. Oh no!

It's been a bit of a crappy week back.

I've decided I'm not going back to University next year (I have a whole diatribe to unload on that subject, though that's for another day), but haven't determined whether I'm willing to go further into debt in pursuing something technical institute related (read: with gainful employment attached at the completion end), or whether I just want to work my ass off so we can get back to the right side of the Rockies as soon as humanly possible.

It's -31C with the windchill today, and my Farmer's Almanac predicts snow and frigid temperatures into April.

I'm generally pretty upbeat about being here- the third of the year that there isn't snow is actually pretty nice. I've kept a smile on my face through the winter, but I think I've reached the end of my tether. I can't imagine growing up, let alone growing old here. I haven't even entertained the idea of putting down roots, so I haven't, and in doing so have wound up in limbo.

Sorry for the bummer post. Woe is me! I feel like this is the second winter of the year, and spring is way overdue.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Men with backhoes making loud noises.

Last Thursday I came home to unannounced traffic signs being piled on our front yard. Upon asking the sign man what was going on, he informed me that starting tomorrow, the city was ripping out our sidewalk and large chunk of front yard in order to repair a sewer connection. Thanks for the notice guys.

Lo and behold, the next morning at 8 sharp, we had backhoes, jackhammers, and a crew of 6 to 10 guys on our front lawn, and as the day progressed, a 10 foot chasm opened where our minuscule front yard used to be.

About 2 pm yesterday, Shawn and I were coming home from lunch and upon skirting the crew to get to our front door, they announced that in getting to the sewer they had broken our water intake line.

Pardon me? Not only were we given no warning as to what was going on, everything WAS in fine working order up to this point- and now you're shutting our water off? Thanks guys. Again.

I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth- we DID had lead intake pipes (as I'm sure the vast majority of the aged and aging houses in our neighbourhood do, and they are now shiny new copper- but as 6 o'clock rolled around, the crew informed me that they were done for the weekend, but weren't going to insulate the new pipes so, you know, your pipes might freeze. Sorry. See ya.

Again, for the record, we had NO PROBLEM before you guys showed up. Now we may have frozen pipes and potentially no water- not to mention our water pressure is "unexplicably" less than it was before?

Now (upon the advice of the city crew and Epcor) we have to leave water running in our house ALL WEEKEND. Let me just state for the record that our house is tiny, none of the rooms have doors, and the only faucets we have are directly next to our bedroom. Let's not even get into what a HUGE waste of water this is. Needless to say, it was a restless, drippy night, and we have two more to go.

Not impressed.

All I have to say is that we had better be accumulating some SERIOUS house karma points for when we actually own our own house.